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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 3

3. A song that reminds you of summertime ‚Äď


I heard this song when in my first summer as a citizen of NYC. Will always remind me walking down 5th ave, melting, but like I still owned the world…

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[#794]: In Search of …

“The real religion is not imitation of anybody else, it is a search to find out your own authentic self, who you are.”


picture shot at sunset in chinatown, while i was peeking down on JT ūüėČ
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[#768]: The Motha Truckin “M”

In Astoria, I have two options when it comes to the subway :

The R Train known for being “R”arely there.


The M train which before knowing its usefulness, every time¬†it arrived I dubbed it “The Motha Trucking M!”

I used¬†to think the M was the train that took longer, since there were stops on it that I didn’t¬†recognize and seemed useless. Like who the fudge ever gets on or off at 36th and why is there a¬†23rd St¬†& Ely (what the truck is an Ely?)¬†stop on top of that before I get to the city?

After realizing the R is the slowest of all slows, old, and seems to attract more crazy people,

The M has become my reliable mode of transport.

Now I jump for joy when I see the Motha Trucking M round the bend getting me to work on time, even before my “punctual” co-worker.

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[#765]: Dating 2.0

I attempt to not be a Carrie Bradshaw wanna-be sans fur coats, a stint at Vogue, and “Big” drama (well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad) but its kind of hard not too faced with the reality of the Single girl in the city lifestyle I lead. And what a lifestyle it is. Take today:¬†I woke up around 8 and then slept for two more hours, had a slice of pizza for breakfast, and made my way over to this superiorly nice caf√©. Very Glam, take notes.

But the caf√© is great. It’s called Omonia and I’m sure when I tell people about it I’ll have to spell it out so it doesn’t sound like a strong cleaning chemical which in some countries goes well with a latte.

Last week I decided to do “research” with a friend regarding the single lifestyle (as if i don’t have enough info on it already). I was inspired by an email from Pulsd, an event and local deals site for NYC and San Francisco. The name for the event:¬†“Meet NYC ‘s 150 Hottest Firefighters”.

The picture for the event:

With this, I knew it was worth a night of hilarious one liners and awkward encounters. I asked my friend Justine to accompany me on the basis of research only…
We made our way out after work stalling as much as possible at H&M, going about 8 blocks in the wrong direction, and made it to the event around an hour after it had already begun.
Walking in, we decided to make a quick dash to the bathroom like 7th grader girls at a homecoming dance. All was lost, once the women at the front door checking us in decided to ask for everything short of our social security number. Plenty of time for the Chippendale dancers/firefighters to observe the new bait. Making a quick glance, there was definitely more girls than guys and the guys were either hanging with each other or being hung on by a bevy of drunk girls. For the night, we were offered a postcard with questions to be answered by one firefighter at a time. With the crepes that were promised in the ad missing altogether, Justine decided to get her moneys worth by getting all the answers questioned and upping her chances of winning a gift package of hair products. I decided to be the observer.
I wasn’t too taken aback by any of the guys so I just left it to be a night of comedy only.
Also with questions like this:
I didn’t want to be caught in any misleading situations, which of course happened since my crazy magnet is open longer than a 7-11.
Awkward, uncomfortable-ness ensued as a man as old as my father kept trying to talk to me. My daddy issues aren’t strong enough to think that is ok. Even better when you’re talking to someone you’re not interested in is a woman walking up to you with a bowl full of condoms:
If this is what the dating scene will be like until I randomly meet someone in a grocery store or Starbucks, I hope this lady is around to keep it entertaining.
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[#536-545]: Memory (+10)

Memory is a funny thing. Once I was told nothing exists out of consciousness and our ability to remember. So instead of us keeping the memories alive. Memories keep US alive. It’s kind of interesting to know that 10 years ago mostly everyone I know and strangers on TV know details of how that day went.


  • Sophmore Year in Highschool
  • Cardinal Newman HS, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Mr Howell’s Social Studies Class
  • He turned on the TV after one of the teachers down the hall told him something
  • burning building
  • next class
  • another burning building
  • people falling
  • shadows of planes
  • crying in the overpass
  • not knowing what would happen
  • fears of war
  • fears of family hurt
  • tears, lots and lots of tears
10 Years later I am in New York. 10 years later. But I’m still here as are the memories as is New York City. And without those memories I know we would not be as strong as we are today. I In rememberance, I try to not to live my life in fear. The negative actions on that day were not simply an attack of physical weight but an attempt at our psyche. I am not afraid to roam NYC today. Nor live here. Nor ride the subway. Those who live in fear are not free to fly. My wings are spread wider than ever, 10 years later.
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[#535] :The Bicycle Rules

Here in New York City contains a park that holds memories of the greatest pioneers on earth, magical fountains surrounded by gondolas and homeless strangers just looking for a bite. It covers trees of importation, dreamers longing for inspiration and the fair skinned inhabitants looking for kisses from the sun. On Saturday we rented bikes and took a stroll thru Central Park. The ride questioned my strength at times. A slow climb, is a tough climb; your path goes where your eyes follow; let go and be free to fly. The path whispered many tales I’ve heard before and that I’m living while now in this tall city. I wander to strawberry fields and find myself painting pictures from love songs. “Starting Over” whistled thru the trees. I’m tired at times to hear covered melodies of legends, whose originals stopped birds in flight to lay in peace and enjoy. Just enjoy. Was John Lennon a mere memory implanted in my mind, that I never met or lived, to simply gain the appreciation of the times and revelry of a dreamer? It could be sheer insanity to question his existence, yet in all actuality, thats what we do, revel in the absence of a stranger. Love the longing for something no longer belonging to us or the world. Art Appreciation 101. Yes there is something about this city. And there is something about inspiration. Whether you will hunt it down like a dog in heat simply looking for a puddle to bear his burden of a heavy coat. Or if you sit by the beach, pay rent for a grain of sand that you took pictures of, put days of work on the shelf to fly cross country for, then pay it no homage or respect once it is there daily at your doorstep. Treasure every moment, the beaten untrammeled paths tells “live for livings worth”. Be here on the steps and be within the creation for the art you can appreciate within yourself. You are one with all and to be one with anything else but yourself and the beauty around you is a sin.

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[#405]: Umbrellas

So my first NYC rainy day incident went a little like this:

I was on¬†my way to an interview, running late of course, I’ll blame it on my island blood once again. Then the rain started whispering lightly into the NYC streets of the¬†Upper East Side.¬†“It’ll be over soon” I thought.¬†Then in no less of a minute, the rain roared and poured over me. Umbrella-less. And the only thing I had to cover me was¬†the sweater on my back and possibly a gossip magazine crumpled in my purse. I took off my sweater, revealing my lime green button down, that within seconds was a damp lettuce green soak fest. The worst was crossing the street to the pharmacy I finally found and right off the¬†sidewalk plunging into the largest puddle possible. Perfect. Once I got inside the store, I was lucky enough to grab the last umbrella. A clear plastic, polka dot covered piece of art. Tres Bon! Ces’t Magnifique! My saviour! Then I made my way to the office, dripping wet. In the end, the job ended up being¬†quite scammy and the fact that they played loud top 40 music videos on a loud flat screen in the lobby was very disturbing and I bailed out on the second interview.¬†One thing I noticed was that everyone had an umbrella and rain boots that day. Like they knew the rain was coming.¬†How suspicious. New York is forcing me to do things like check the weather now. I hate growing up at times. But yeah, Umbrellas rock, especially today.

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#404: “Friday”

There are a few things that come to mind when I think of Friday:

  • That new Katy Perry video TGIF. Shes quite funny.
  • That other Friday song by Rebecca Black. I wish I made a horrible song then got famous off of it. No hate, must congratulate.
  • But also that it’s Friday, and I’m not hating my job. I’m¬†not counting down the minutes thinking “I can’t wait to get the eff out of here and go 90 miles an hour in the opposite direction of this effin¬†place!!!! Get me out of here!!! Only a minute passed!! WTF??!?! Can I leave already??!?!?!”

Nope. Not me. I woke up…

  • read an email from a really inspiring person whose blog can be seen here: My Rediscovery of Me
  • Enjoyed a walk to work strolling thru gypsy cabs and bagel carts.
  • Took in the view of the rain and sunshine, and appreciated them both equally.
  • Read a hilarious blog by¬†a Brooklyn Mommy: StoopMama
  • Met up with an old college friend in Tribeca.

And who knows what else will come of it, vodka willing. Yeah its needless to say Fridays rock, but so do the rest of the days of the week. Props to my boy Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your day ūüôā




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[#349]: A Blessing for Happiness

A Blessing for Happiness -Metta Sutta (Stuttanipata)

May everyone be happy and safe, and may their hearts be filled with joy. May all living beings live in Security and in Peace‚ÄĒ Beings who are frail or strong, Tall or short, big or small, Visible or not visible, near or far away, Already born or yet to be born. May all of them dwell in perfect tranquility. Let no one do harm to anyone. Let no one put the life of anyone in danger. Let no one, out of anger or ill will, wish anyone any harm.

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[#120] Happy to Be NYC

What’s up with this city?

Songs written about it.

Plays performed for it.

Movies based upon it.

Careers sprung from it.

But for some reason the people who are blessed to call this city their home have no clue how amazing this city is. I understand my  naiveté may be at an all time high, but there is no reason to scoff at waiting for a taxi for FIVE minutes when in Miami I am sure they are as endangered as scrunchies.

Looking at apartments has been an eye opener and has definitely made me come to grips with the fact I lived in a miniature palace back in Sunny Isles, but nevertheless your steps away from everything. I walk downstairs and I have a bagel shop, karaoke bar, sushi house, pizza place, and ninja dojo if I¬†decide to become a mutant turtle. Yet it’s the city of give and take. Never have I pondered compromise more than I have now. There is a limitless list of things that you say “well I¬†did enjoy having an elevator, but I guess I’ll learn to crawl up a five story walk up on a drunken night..”

But it’s ok, because I’m in New York. I get excited over glimpses of the Chrysler building thru an apartment window, roof tops reminiscent of a scene from West Side story, and falafel cart cravings easily cured on every and any corner.

The city has welcomed me in with open arms (and weirdly enough two High school mates I saw walking down the street separately). Yes, a New York minute is real, consuming, and I’ve felt like I’ve been here for a month within 72 hours. Nevertheless, I am determined to create my Zen sanctuary whether it be in Manhattan or within little Egypt in Astoria so I may truly be Cleopatra coming at cha.

All the dream jobs I have imagined are here, as well as the ladder to the dream check in the job. Thankfully enough there are plenty of recruiters to present it to you. Sunday Funday is actually Sunday Crunkday because I’m pretty sure I encountered Ultra part two at the Collective on Sunday. A spot I randomly found in Soho called Le Orange Bleu is definitely going to become a regular spot for me. $16.95 brunch including a gourmet entr√©e of choice and unlimited sangrias/mimosas/or beers. I even just missed Thierry Henry himself at the restaurant! Hopefully soon I will post on our first date.

So the¬†excitement has begun, the rush is still high, and the weather is warming up. Needless to say I’m happy to be free, me, and in NYC.

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