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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 22

22. A song that moves you forward –

AMY WINEHOUSE – Tears Dry on Their Own

I just poofed my hair a little higher in memory of …

as well as

JASON MRAZ – Make it Mine 


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[#571]: DJ Mehdi

DJ Mehdi Passes Away at 34

A giant what the fuck for this situation.

I got into Electro because of Ed Banger’s Records, the creator Busy P,  and its spawns Uffie, and Dj Mehdi.

It was a whole new world that grabbed me by the ears and I was in love. Dj Mehdi’s “I Am Somebody” was all me and my friend Dana played, sang, and attempted to break dance to once we got ahold of this track. He was the French’s response to Pharrell. A stylish, humble, extremely talented DJ. Need I say more?

He was also married to an amazing graffiti artist named Fafi (google the shit out of her). It’s a shame he went so soon, but if anything people appreciate you even more when your gone at times. At least he lived in positivity and was remembered in positivity. Please God no more artists I love that I have to post passed away.

One of the DJ’s from Ed Banger’s, Feadz, has made a mix in rememberance of the late, great Mehdi.

Enjoy, Bless, Love, Glow.

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[#567]: B*%^$# in Paris part Deux

This has become an unofficial Paris Day on my Blog.

As I went thru Colette’s website, I see on their blog that Kreayshawn, little miss Gucci Gucci herself, is performing at their store. It’s funny where life takes you and how far things go like jokes on family guy or “hide yo kids hide yo wife”. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

(i.e. the title is in response to “N$&&*% in Paris” off Watch the Throne, an education demonstration)

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[#566]: Colette

There’s a concept store in Paris called Colette and her taste in music is superb. My new little secret for a step ahead on some different sounds. Check out their everchanging playlist:


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