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[#188]: The “Boogieman”

Ever since I heard the news of Osama Bin Laden being killed, I’ve had this scratching at my throat. Kind of like when I eat Wheaties and one of the fibers get stuck, but worse. It was an itch I didn’t know how to scratch with the fact my whole page is based on things that make me happy. Proclaiming that I think the this is a hoax isn’t necessarily the most positive statement. I am in no way an anti-patriotic person. I love the fact that I have a country to roam free, spread my wings, and gain opportunity in any which way I can imagine, but haven’t we heard this before? Wasn’t Osama “killed” once already? Haven’t we learned already to not believe in the hoopla? I’ve learned not to trust what I did not experience myself. Take most things with a grain of salt. Trust is something earned. If the news networks have gained your trust, then I will not step between the bond. Nevertheless, it’s the same media that’s fooled us before.

It has to happen. I’m using Jim Carrey as my scape goat. I recently read his tweet, then re-tweeted it myself:

Someone who understands what I mean besides crazy conspirators in the middle of a cornfield in Alabama! (no offense). But here’s the fact guys:

  • Our troops are still over seas.
  • There are still a bunch of crazy gun wielding anti-Americans abroad.
  • The “Boogieman”, might as well be Kim Il Jong, because we have heard more about his “weapons of mass destruction” in the mean time.
  • Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” has been the song of choice in response to this event, “Blow” by Ke$ha would have been better.
  • A smiley with a question mark hair-do is the coolest thing ever.

Even better, they are burying him at sea since no country wants him buried in their soil. How about a good ol’ cremation? I’m pretty sure Moby Dick and the Little Mermaid don’t want bad blood in their habitat as well.That is if it’s really the mega threat himself.

Truthfully, what does this all mean to citizens of the free world? If it’s another excuse to get drunk and play “Proud to be an American”, great, power to the people. Can’t hate on the juice. But, it just seems a little too close to the primaries to be pulling a dramatic stunt like this without all the facts. Can’t wait for the proud tweets on the photo-shopped pic of a dead man. “#Proud”?

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[#184-#186]: White House Correspondent’s Dinner

This is from the White House Correspondent’s dinner recently. Never knew that they could be funny and that this dinner was also a roast. Also not sure why Trump would show up to this after his public rants in the media lately against Obama. It’s like showing up at the birthday for your exes mother after you blasted her for her pot roast. Not a good look.

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