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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 22

22. A song that moves you forward –

AMY WINEHOUSE – Tears Dry on Their Own

I just poofed my hair a little higher in memory of …

as well as

JASON MRAZ – Make it Mine 


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[#603]: “On Love, In Sadness…”

“I don’t believe that if you’ve loved someone that they don’t eternally have a
piece of you. If you love someone, you love them forever with some small piece
of you”

-Michelle Samuel ( my amazing friend with perfect timing, thanks mish)

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[#398]: If it Kills Me

I find a lot of peace in Jason Mraz’s music. His song “If it Kills Me” off of We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. is easily one of his best songs to date. Check out the acoustic version of it. This dance is amazing to me because as he pours his heart out thru the song, they mesh that with their performance perfectly.

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[#147]: The Only is Way is Up…

A new song from Jason Mraz. Patiently awaiting the arrival of his new album.

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#13 Jason Mraz’s Resolution

Jason Mraz is alive.

Not just like anyone else.

He is truly a burst of life. When I saw him in concert I’ve never truly experienced anything like it.

The entire audience was on their feet. A musician’s dream.

He played in his bare feet, dancing and twisting on indian rugs, switching from ukulele’s to trumpets.

Mr.A-Z is by far one of the most amazing artists of all time if you ask me.

From his growth in music, to his lyrics, there is no telling where his journey will lead.

I love his blog Freshness Factor Five Thousand.

Here is an intensely inspiring post he recently made on his New Years Resolution.


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