[#405]: Umbrellas

So my first NYC rainy day incident went a little like this:

I was on my way to an interview, running late of course, I’ll blame it on my island blood once again. Then the rain started whispering lightly into the NYC streets of the Upper East Side. “It’ll be over soon” I thought. Then in no less of a minute, the rain roared and poured over me. Umbrella-less. And the only thing I had to cover me was the sweater on my back and possibly a gossip magazine crumpled in my purse. I took off my sweater, revealing my lime green button down, that within seconds was a damp lettuce green soak fest. The worst was crossing the street to the pharmacy I finally found and right off the sidewalk plunging into the largest puddle possible. Perfect. Once I got inside the store, I was lucky enough to grab the last umbrella. A clear plastic, polka dot covered piece of art. Tres Bon! Ces’t Magnifique! My saviour! Then I made my way to the office, dripping wet. In the end, the job ended up being quite scammy and the fact that they played loud top 40 music videos on a loud flat screen in the lobby was very disturbing and I bailed out on the second interview. One thing I noticed was that everyone had an umbrella and rain boots that day. Like they knew the rain was coming. How suspicious. New York is forcing me to do things like check the weather now. I hate growing up at times. But yeah, Umbrellas rock, especially today.

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