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[#685]: Magic City Memoir’s

I guess this could be where I say something cheesy like “Miami stand up!” but Im no Khaled or Ross. So Instead I’ll say “I knew this guy”. I think anybody who really lived in Miami knew this kid in some type of way. Asked the question “would you raise your family in Miami?” Knew the one guy whos mom looked like she was from a Ricky Martin music video and made the best pernil. I love Miami. But thats only part of it, for some people. From the preview alone, it looks like this movie will tell that story well.


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[#546]: Twin Tower’s Cameos

Thank God for the movies…

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[#439 & #440]: Midnight in Paris & Angelika

I am a mid- twenties, black girl from South Florida, an obvious Woody Allen fan. Annie Hall is one the best things I have ever seen and experienced. Then Vicky Cristina Barcelona. You could probably list those two as Pre Modern and Post Modern Woody, but they are both Woody. What I love about his films is that I can turn the tv on, in the middle of the movie, not even knowing the title, but after hearing the monologue, know its his work.

His latest movie is Midnight in Paris. I was little weary of seeing it after witnessing You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. But Woody writes and writes and writes. His filmography has its own wiki page. It’s inevitable he’ll have a few misses. (i.e. marrying his adopted stepdaughter).  But Midnight in Paris, was perfect. Owen Wilson is just pure charisma. That combined with Woody’s wit is good film. Rachel McAdam’s was the girl du jour. A great pair. Wedding Crashers and the Notebook. Who can complain?

The theater I saw it at was perfect. The infamous #440 Angelika art house theater in Soho. Im pretty sure the audience was full of well educated art enthusiasts and PHD’s when they erupted into a roar of laughter after hearing a character being referred to as a “pedantic”. It was like a weird inside joke. And they immediately knew who Cole Porter and the Fitzgerald’s were. Yes, they are great landmarks in time, but I’m used to discussing Vodka and Shoes with friends, not the Great Gatsby and the beginning of jazz, it took me a second, but I got it.

All in all, I loved the movie. I loved the characters. I loved the setting in Paris, New York.

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[#203-#213]: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

An amazing movie by Woody Allen. It comes with me when ever I travel in my life line dvd case. The location, the cast, the story line are all perfect. Artists in barcelona, wine, and a love affair with Javier Bardem, see what I mean? Add it to your queue or I’ll do it for you.

The soundtrack for the move is also amazing and something that should be added to your Sunday playlist.

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[#137]: You’ve Got M@il

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day in Central Park with a friend. Perfect day for a walk or cross country voyage when we ended up walking 50 blocks straight into Harlem. Either way, we relaized we both shared a common bond: You’ve Got Mail.

My obsession for romantic comedies has led me down some scary paths in life. The Break Up. Ira & Abby. Somewhere. There are plenty of movies that simply because they lie under the genre, I will make sure of it to lie in bed or on my couch, for hours and watch them back to back before finding a true Gem.

When it come to You’ve Got Mail it is a diamond in the bin of $5 Dollar movies at Walmart if you are lucky enough to find it.

The ingredients which make it work:

The Setting: NYC

The Characters: Writers, Book Store Owners, Greedy Entrepreneurs, New Yorkers

Quotes like…:

	--Don't you love New York in the
	fall?  It makes me want to buy school
	supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of
	newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your
	name and address.  On the other hand,
	this not knowing has its charms.

Meg Ryans Desk in General:

I love a good desk.

Also, every time I watch the movie, it never fails to make me cry at this exact moment.
This is the perfect set up for a romantic comedy ending.
The part where they realize they are crazy about each other, the right song plays, light breaks in, the shot pans high, and the movie dims on them kissing.
A Recipe for emotional disaster. Enjoy.

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