[#535] :The Bicycle Rules

Here in New York City contains a park that holds memories of the greatest pioneers on earth, magical fountains surrounded by gondolas and homeless strangers just looking for a bite. It covers trees of importation, dreamers longing for inspiration and the fair skinned inhabitants looking for kisses from the sun. On Saturday we rented bikes and took a stroll thru Central Park. The ride questioned my strength at times. A slow climb, is a tough climb; your path goes where your eyes follow; let go and be free to fly. The path whispered many tales I’ve heard before and that I’m living while now in this tall city. I wander to strawberry fields and find myself painting pictures from love songs. “Starting Over” whistled thru the trees. I’m tired at times to hear covered melodies of legends, whose originals stopped birds in flight to lay in peace and enjoy. Just enjoy. Was John Lennon a mere memory implanted in my mind, that I never met or lived, to simply gain the appreciation of the times and revelry of a dreamer? It could be sheer insanity to question his existence, yet in all actuality, thats what we do, revel in the absence of a stranger. Love the longing for something no longer belonging to us or the world. Art Appreciation 101. Yes there is something about this city. And there is something about inspiration. Whether you will hunt it down like a dog in heat simply looking for a puddle to bear his burden of a heavy coat. Or if you sit by the beach, pay rent for a grain of sand that you took pictures of, put days of work on the shelf to fly cross country for, then pay it no homage or respect once it is there daily at your doorstep. Treasure every moment, the beaten untrammeled paths tells “live for livings worth”. Be here on the steps and be within the creation for the art you can appreciate within yourself. You are one with all and to be one with anything else but yourself and the beauty around you is a sin.

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