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[#346]: Savage Beauty

I am still lingering over the moments at the museum and cannot stop obsessing over McQueen right now after visiting the exhibit. He truly was as great as Picasso or Beethoven thru the media of fashion. His very first show I saw younger was the one depicted after the picture Sanitarium by Joel Peter Watkin. The audience first saw themselves on the outside of giant box created by two way mirrors. Then the mirrors changed view to show you a box within a box which then broke down smashing its mirrored walls revealing a naked woman covered in moths and breathing thru some type of defibrillator.  Then when the models came out themselves to model his work all they could see was their reflection on the opposite side of the two ways. The point of this show was to reveal the beauty within. [you can see the video below] I also liked how he used the grotesque intermixed with beauty to get people to observe what they may have not before. This was was the master mind behind McQueen.  Do your best to see it if possible since it’s running thru July 31st. Here is the link to the current exhibition at the MET and also some videos on the late artists work.

The MET: http://blog.metmuseum.org/alexandermcqueen/about/

My favorite….

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[#337 – #345]: Sunday & Alexander McQueen

Happy for…

  • Asellina Jazz Brunch
  • My Truffle Fries at the Asellina
  • Going to the MET
  • getting in line at the MET and seeing an old Barry University friend working at the counter.
  • Moving faster than the 1 Hour expectancy wait in line for Alexander McQueen and just making the cut.
  • The entire Alexander McQueen exhibit all together.
  • The Nina Simone inspired event at Stone Rose
  • The view from the Stone Rose being my favorite skyline view so far
  • Making friends with a Victoria Secret model sharing allergy stories and a drink

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