[#765]: Dating 2.0

I attempt to not be a Carrie Bradshaw wanna-be sans fur coats, a stint at Vogue, and “Big” drama (well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad) but its kind of hard not too faced with the reality of the Single girl in the city lifestyle I lead. And what a lifestyle it is. Take today: I woke up around 8 and then slept for two more hours, had a slice of pizza for breakfast, and made my way over to this superiorly nice café. Very Glam, take notes.

But the café is great. It’s called Omonia and I’m sure when I tell people about it I’ll have to spell it out so it doesn’t sound like a strong cleaning chemical which in some countries goes well with a latte.

Last week I decided to do “research” with a friend regarding the single lifestyle (as if i don’t have enough info on it already). I was inspired by an email from Pulsd, an event and local deals site for NYC and San Francisco. The name for the event: “Meet NYC ‘s 150 Hottest Firefighters”.

The picture for the event:

With this, I knew it was worth a night of hilarious one liners and awkward encounters. I asked my friend Justine to accompany me on the basis of research only…
We made our way out after work stalling as much as possible at H&M, going about 8 blocks in the wrong direction, and made it to the event around an hour after it had already begun.
Walking in, we decided to make a quick dash to the bathroom like 7th grader girls at a homecoming dance. All was lost, once the women at the front door checking us in decided to ask for everything short of our social security number. Plenty of time for the Chippendale dancers/firefighters to observe the new bait. Making a quick glance, there was definitely more girls than guys and the guys were either hanging with each other or being hung on by a bevy of drunk girls. For the night, we were offered a postcard with questions to be answered by one firefighter at a time. With the crepes that were promised in the ad missing altogether, Justine decided to get her moneys worth by getting all the answers questioned and upping her chances of winning a gift package of hair products. I decided to be the observer.
I wasn’t too taken aback by any of the guys so I just left it to be a night of comedy only.
Also with questions like this:
I didn’t want to be caught in any misleading situations, which of course happened since my crazy magnet is open longer than a 7-11.
Awkward, uncomfortable-ness ensued as a man as old as my father kept trying to talk to me. My daddy issues aren’t strong enough to think that is ok. Even better when you’re talking to someone you’re not interested in is a woman walking up to you with a bowl full of condoms:
If this is what the dating scene will be like until I randomly meet someone in a grocery store or Starbucks, I hope this lady is around to keep it entertaining.
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