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[#113 & #114] Peace Treaty

I’d like to sign an official peace treaty with my liver which she will definitley be [#113] happy about. So my liver, which I will now name Olivia, will now be treated to multiple cups of tea and acai juice rather than vodka and overproof rum on a too-many-times-to-count-a-week basis. I got to learn to get drunk on a beat and not on the overly addicting apple sauce shots.

Which does deserve a post before I sign the treaty…

[#114] Apple Sauce Shots [part apple schnapps, part goldschalgger]

get at it.

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#1 “2,011 Reasons to be Happy”

Hello and welcome to my New Years Resolution!


Please don’t run in the opposite direction!

You’ll be happy to hear this is clear of gym subscriptions, hiding Marlboro’s behind the cookie jar, and saying “fudge popsicles!” instead of plain old over-the-counter “F&*$ !”

This is SIMPLY hope on a web page. That not only can I change my own life path by creating an exact amount of TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN posts that make me go hmmmmm, (and smile) but also for anyone else who wants to do the same.


We’re in a new decade, might as well start it off with a bang and a smile; 2, 011 of them to be exact.

All in Love,


#1: My pure dumb happy moment. This is my happy explosion. Let this be a warning. It’s highly flammable.

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