Moving On

How much were we worth?

In terms of..


My love’s not for sale,

but if my love came down to the dollar,

If the auctioneer rang the final bell

You’d be bankrupt

Soul sold

First born worth its weight in gold

You made a stealing the first time around

This time Ive moved a comma or two

My self worth is much greater

now that Ive gotten over you.

In terms of…


Our memories are alive,

and emblazoned in my brain.

Though our version is not shared,

were not one in the same.

But you cant force understanding,

and you cant force a heart,

you cant force a perfect ending,

when you had a forced start.

In terms of…

In terms of what?

We were good for the moment

we were good for the past

but sometimes we go down swinging

when we cant make things last

and I’ve fought and I’ve tried

and I’ve slept in that bed

but theres nothing more painful

than dragging regret

i imagined our worth

a romantics curse

that living in the moment

is better than living in a hearse

but along the way i forgot

what it was like to be me

in the world without you

where i was meant to be

but i found my way back

thankfully everythings the same

except for the knowing that

i can love, i can give, i can be open and sane

that relationship doesnt have to be

relation ship wrecked

that i am not my mother

though we share a last name

but it’ll all be ok

even a little more than that

but youll have to stay tuned

a little longer than you did in the sack


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