Right now Im looking to reconcile with my love of life.

Not that I hate life, I just haven’t been hugging, dancing with and basking in it like I once was. I went back home to Miami last weekend. This trip was different. This was my 3rd time back to Miami since I left. Clearly I haven’t visited enough since I left back in 2011, but third time was the charm as this was Miami re-imagined. I was able to make time for my loves, my spirituality, and the beach. Everything I need. The humidity barely registered with me (maybe with my hair as I wore a permanent high bun). Nevertheless, I felt like I was in a dream. Now that Im back from wonderland, everything runs across my mind gangnam style. Hectic, almost in a foreign language, but I know it will pass. Im reconsidering everything. Where I want to be, who I want to be with, where to place my dreams. This is anything but a crisis, maybe not an awakening, but 100% a refresher.

The winter is coming and of course I gravitate towards the lifestyle in a sunnier place. Yet I know the time I put up here in NYC is pretty much going to set my life on a track that I may not achieve elsewhere. Time is precious. Using it wisely, following your heart, appreciating everything now rather than later, the keys to life. If it was as simple as tattooing this on my wrist and Id remember it everyday, Id be ink to skin right now. For now more frequent trips to Miami will do and so will postcards to the ones I love. Who knows what will come next.



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