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[#781]: Ring Round my Rosie

From Get Him to the Greek

I wish this could play on the radio…


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[#793]: Mermaids

I really hope my neighbors didnt just see me dancing to this in my window

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[#790 -#792]: Bon Gia!

Bon Gia/Good Morning

Woke up and Blame it on Rio was on TV. There are a few scenes in the movie that I never noticed, or saw, that have a lot to do with my current writing project. I guess UPN didn’t find it suitable for my eyes at the time, but seeing it now is perfect timing. Just another sign telling me to keep at it. The movie also reminds me of my mothers obsession with Michael Caine. A european actor who wears hipster glasses, smh, I am my mother’s child.

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[#789]: A Deriva/ Adrift

Yesterday I took the time to write about something that took me a while to finally sit down and manifest. Its a bitch trying to fight the procrastination monster that lived under my bed and my laptop as well.

What I wrote about is soon to come, but something it had to do with was my fascination with the Portuguese language and the country of Brazil.

Right before writing, I was going thru my Netflix account and came across a recommendation for a movie called Adrift/ A Derive.

I set aside the 50th distraction getting in the way of my goal and waited until I completed my query to watch it.

When I finished my writing, and settled in on my couch and my queue, I was happy to find out the entire movie was in Portuguese within the beautiful beaches of Búzios, Brazil.

The film was perfect in its cinematography and the portrayal of a love story Bahia style.

The cast included one my favorite actors Vincent Cassel who never fails me.

I highly recommend it to anyone on a lazy afternoon.

Towards the end of the movie, as they panned out on the father and daughter floating on their backs in the ocean on a sunrise, I wondered:

Arent we all meant to float on our backs and bask in the sun?

Why is there any other life but that? Why does it have to be a choice?

Vincent portrayed a writer as well.

I choose that life. A linguist’s paradise.

In the meantime, while my query is proofed and I begin my first winter in NYC, I’ll keep it in my queue.

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