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[#581]: Lazy Sunday – The Narnia Chronicles

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[#238 & #239] Shy Ronnie

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[#237]: Gak

Once when I was a kid, I fell asleep with one of my new toys by my pillow. What was that toy you ask? It was Gak!

What is Gak you ask? It’s the stuff that got caught in my hair, that I thought would be a good idea to get out with scissors. My mom didn’t think it was a good idea when she saw a chunk of my hair missing the next day. Just in case you wanted to know, peanut butter would have done the trick.

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[#236] Oh that’s his name!

File that under “oh that’s his/her name!”. I tried to remind my friend of the 80’s movie guy who I tried to embarrassingly mimic to help her remember. Bobcat Goldthwait. Yep, that’s his name.

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[#107- #111] Teenage Dream Throwback’s

#107: Teen witch. Rap scene. Top That. Bring it Back.

#108: Teen wolf, I’m pretty sure this was the result of steroids and Pop Rocks. You know what I’m having for lunch.

#109: Ghostwriter…I don’t even know what the eff that was but I wanted to be it. Yeah I wanted to have a strange ghost light follow me around just because I saw it on cable. Don’t buy your kids a television.

#110: So I had a hard time remembering where I thought wearing Hockey jerseys, mini velour backpacks, and overalls were a good idea. Now I remember…

#111: The opening scene is enough to let you know why I loved this movie. This is the epitome of 80’s movies if you ask me. Adventure, great soundtrack, and hair that will never look good except on VHS.

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