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[#567]: B*%^$# in Paris part Deux

This has become an unofficial Paris Day on my Blog.

As I went thru Colette’s website, I see on their blog that Kreayshawn, little miss Gucci Gucci herself, is performing at their store. It’s funny where life takes you and how far things go like jokes on family guy or “hide yo kids hide yo wife”. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

(i.e. the title is in response to “N$&&*% in Paris” off Watch the Throne, an education demonstration)

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[#566]: Colette

There’s a concept store in Paris called Colette and her taste in music is superb. My new little secret for a step ahead on some different sounds. Check out their everchanging playlist:


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[#552-#564]: Paris vs. New York

Today I came across these amazing images thru a fellow blogger on the Freshly Pressed page (which I’m still pretty sad I haven’t been on yet reason – #551) but either or, this was a great find. Thinking of getting some of these and framing them for a constant NYC State of Mind. Not sure who would win in the art battle of icons of each city, but in a bar fight, NYC definitely takes the Macaron (please reference Macaraon vs cupCAKE image). Here are my favorites, but be sure to check out the links below to choose yours…




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