[About a Girl]

Hello and welcome to my New Years Resolution!


Please don’t run in the opposite direction!

You’ll be happy to hear this is clear of gym subscriptions, hiding Marlboro’s behind the cookie jar, and saying “fudge popsicles!” instead of plain old over-the-counter “F&*$ !”

This is SIMPLY hope on a web page. That not only can I change my own life path by creating an exact amount (God willing, and procrastination banned) of TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN posts that make me go hmmmmm, (and smile) but also for anyone else who wants to do the same.


We’re in a new decade, might as well start it off with a bang and a smile; 2, 011 of them to be exact.

All in Love,


P.S. I quit my job in Miami and moved to NYC after being under the influence of Sex and the City reruns and Annie Hall. I want to be a screenwriter. No big deal.

Contact Me:


About Me (Facebook excerpt):

“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…”

I live by that quote. Some say I‘m not focused but I just say that I’m multitasking my way to success. My success does not thrive in “4×4, 9-5, coffee and with two creams” world. I am not materialistic but a true expressionist. I have a hat that I wear a lot and I wear it well. I love foreign films because their smarter, say funny things like “You Fascist!”, have a lot of sex, and all along I am thanking God for subtitles. I love good films. Kubrick, W. Anderson, the Coppola’s, Scorsese. I hope to make something that can be seen and evokes change in the world one day. I believe in evolving because no one believes in changing. “Bombing for peace, is like fucking for virginity”. If you like Bush or don’t like the Beatles I most likely will instantly hate you, but if you give me a Slim Jim I might love you. Music feeds me, feels me, breathes me. My dad is a DJ & my mom is Canadian and that is why I’m crazy. I’m into strange things. I live in another world. When it comes to love i’m a complete idealist. Males have made me a realist, so the pessimist fights the optimist. I have a website called BnLightened with a lot of shit on it. Pretty shit (& i have no idea what its about). I’m the definition of a Gemini. I dream of being in Italy with aviators and halter dresses: That’s my graduation plan for now.


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