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[#677]: George Harrison: Living in the Material Word

Currently on HBO there is a special playing called George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by George’s wife, Olivia.

Richard Corliss from Time Magazine wrote in review of the doc “Let a million fans smile while watching Living in the Material World, and a million guitars gently weep.”

It truly is a great documentary for showing more of “the quiet Beatle” in the best way possible. Also for showing things that are almost nearly impossible to find ourselves, even through the help of the all mighty Google and his V6 engines.

Like this bit on when George and John Lennon being interviewed on “Mysticism”. I thought how poignant it was what George mentioned in response, how timely it was that they simply sat and discussed their thoughts, and it was worth the time of television programming! Almost like the time of Socrates, almost. How is this all lost in time? Oh well thanks to the camera on my phone I can share.

[Please disregard the shakiness, I am no Scorsese]

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[#593 & #594]: “Ho to Make it in America” on a Friday Night

Staying in with the raindrops, cheese, and remote on a Friday Nite catching a “How to Make it in America” marathon on HBO.

Texted my best friend about it and wrote “Ho to Make it America”. I laugh pretty hard at my own jokes.

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[#575]: Fetish, Weed, and Sex in an Apple Store: A Discussion with the Cast of How to Make it In America

On Wednesday, I saw on Pulsd there was an event at my favorite Apple Store in Soho. Previously, I had been there to see the creators and actress from Another Earth discuss their film. It was great because it feels really one on one. So finding out that I could be one on one with Victor Rasuk and Brian Greenberg was a menage a trois I could only dream of.  I rushed straight after work (20 minutes early than my usual departure, but hey I dont take lunches!) to go to the event. Unfortunately, by the time I got there all the seats were taken, but this worked in my favor.  First, an Apple store rep (the happiest people in retail) came out to tell us we were in for some surprises: Apple was filming this, as well as HBO. Another shot at fame! Yippee! Right when I moved here I was offered the opportunity to be an extra on this season of How to Make it America. I’m pretty sure my cleavage got more face time than me. It only made sense they needed to film me for behind the scenes specials like this (obvi). I spoke to my agent and ok-ed that Apple filmed. Oh the life of an actress.  Anywho, so then they revealed another surprise: they were going to be showing the very first episode of the season right now! You mean I didnt have to wait til Oct 2nd for Direct TV to finally come and set up my cable! Grand! So there I was in the present of greatness, watching my favorite show, and seeing Brian Greenberg have rough sex , make requests for fetish and get high in the middle of the city all while in an Apple Store. I love New York. At the end of the show Victor and Brian, and the executive producer, Julian Farino, came out on stage to discuss the show. So back to my perfect placement.

With everyone in front of me sitting, I stood straight across from my HBO boys giving them my best Eartha Kitt stare down (catching eye contact, getting nervous looking at the other one, make eye contact, dodge look back to the other, what a pro). Any who, it was pure magic. One of the best things I took away from it was Julian discussing how to “embrace the chaos” of New York City in trying to film the show. Great point for what its like adapting to this city in general.  Then another surprise towards the end, they played a new promo for the show with the Ducksauce jam “Barbra Streisand” being remixed saying the words “Luis Guzman” instead (which I have displayed in the post below, reason #574). Instead, of my initial plan of rushing the stage with BNLIGHTENED.com painted on me, and getting some free PR, and maybe slipping the boys my number, I walked around Soho afterwards with a friend discussing how we’re going to make it in New York, America. A beautiful nite.

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[#234]: Inner City Pressure

I’ve been in New York for about a month now. The pressure to have written a novel, getting a screenplay picked up, or become the CEO of a firm are beating down on me. Thankfully enough, Jermaine and Bret understood where I was coming from and wrote this song.

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{#127}: Extra! Extra!

While trying not to become one of the many hobos who occupy the streets of NYC and looking for decent place to live via Craigslist, I found my calling, well at least for the following Tuesday.

Looking for extras for HBO’s How to Make it in America…

I immediately sent a couple of outdated, edited Facebook photos and my contact info to the agency and went about my life. The next morning I recieved an email saying to come in nightlife attire on Tuesday. I shouted to my friends dog “Luna I’m a star!!!” and gloated all the way til Tuesday. It was a 6am call time. Oh the life of an actor. Yeah right. I soon realized that if you were’nt in the guild you might as well be a freshman on your first day in high school until you are in. I sat at the wrong table and was asked if I was in the guild. I said no while they pointed to the sign that said GUILD ONLY. Oh second class citizens and their failure to see the obvious.

Everything after that was cool. Met some people who were as clueless as I was. Got called to the front of line to be at a table that would be filmed. Saw Victor Rasuk who plays Cam (who goggled my Lady Gagas),  Eddie Kaye Thomas who plays Kappo (who banged stiflers mom), and Bryan Greenberg who plays Ben Epstein (needless to say the shining moment).

It was fantastical. Our table kept getting greeted with bottle ladies who pantomimed if we wanted a bottle of champagnes. Of course I went “Yeaaaahhhh!!!” til they walked away and realized we were supposed to be like No thanks. [warning! in all other occasions, never say no to champagne]  So I wrote that into my script. Already improvising. Larry David, take notes. Then women on stilts, something close to Vegas girls, and even a gold gilded Cleopatra in a golden tub was carried out throwing star glitter into the air landing straight into our hearty Italian dishes. That’s just what the sauce was missing. What I forgot to mention was that the scene was filmed at Lavo. Glad my first time there was at 6 am with HBO and Bryan Greenberg. Another reason to be happy and love NYC.

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