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Something Like Olivia Contest: My Entry!

I finally took my writing ideas to film by entering a contest for John Mayer and I love it!!!!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my friend who played Olivia, Erika Hofman, my crazy lovable friend also in the video, Elizabeth Schwartz, and of course the wonderful people & places of NYC. Click the pic below to check out the video and please… Enjoy!


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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 1

I’m starting a 30 day Music challenge just for a little introspection and the melancholy lifestyle that winter tends to have me prescribe to:

1. A song you like with a color in the title

Miles Davis – Blue in Green

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[#595 – #634] : WillyBurg

I Love Williamsburg…

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[#575]: Fetish, Weed, and Sex in an Apple Store: A Discussion with the Cast of How to Make it In America

On Wednesday, I saw on Pulsd there was an event at my favorite Apple Store in Soho. Previously, I had been there to see the creators and actress from Another Earth discuss their film. It was great because it feels really one on one. So finding out that I could be one on one with Victor Rasuk and Brian Greenberg was a menage a trois I could only dream of.  I rushed straight after work (20 minutes early than my usual departure, but hey I dont take lunches!) to go to the event. Unfortunately, by the time I got there all the seats were taken, but this worked in my favor.  First, an Apple store rep (the happiest people in retail) came out to tell us we were in for some surprises: Apple was filming this, as well as HBO. Another shot at fame! Yippee! Right when I moved here I was offered the opportunity to be an extra on this season of How to Make it America. I’m pretty sure my cleavage got more face time than me. It only made sense they needed to film me for behind the scenes specials like this (obvi). I spoke to my agent and ok-ed that Apple filmed. Oh the life of an actress.  Anywho, so then they revealed another surprise: they were going to be showing the very first episode of the season right now! You mean I didnt have to wait til Oct 2nd for Direct TV to finally come and set up my cable! Grand! So there I was in the present of greatness, watching my favorite show, and seeing Brian Greenberg have rough sex , make requests for fetish and get high in the middle of the city all while in an Apple Store. I love New York. At the end of the show Victor and Brian, and the executive producer, Julian Farino, came out on stage to discuss the show. So back to my perfect placement.

With everyone in front of me sitting, I stood straight across from my HBO boys giving them my best Eartha Kitt stare down (catching eye contact, getting nervous looking at the other one, make eye contact, dodge look back to the other, what a pro). Any who, it was pure magic. One of the best things I took away from it was Julian discussing how to “embrace the chaos” of New York City in trying to film the show. Great point for what its like adapting to this city in general.  Then another surprise towards the end, they played a new promo for the show with the Ducksauce jam “Barbra Streisand” being remixed saying the words “Luis Guzman” instead (which I have displayed in the post below, reason #574). Instead, of my initial plan of rushing the stage with BNLIGHTENED.com painted on me, and getting some free PR, and maybe slipping the boys my number, I walked around Soho afterwards with a friend discussing how we’re going to make it in New York, America. A beautiful nite.

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[#536-545]: Memory (+10)

Memory is a funny thing. Once I was told nothing exists out of consciousness and our ability to remember. So instead of us keeping the memories alive. Memories keep US alive. It’s kind of interesting to know that 10 years ago mostly everyone I know and strangers on TV know details of how that day went.


  • Sophmore Year in Highschool
  • Cardinal Newman HS, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Mr Howell’s Social Studies Class
  • He turned on the TV after one of the teachers down the hall told him something
  • burning building
  • next class
  • another burning building
  • people falling
  • shadows of planes
  • crying in the overpass
  • not knowing what would happen
  • fears of war
  • fears of family hurt
  • tears, lots and lots of tears
10 Years later I am in New York. 10 years later. But I’m still here as are the memories as is New York City. And without those memories I know we would not be as strong as we are today. I In rememberance, I try to not to live my life in fear. The negative actions on that day were not simply an attack of physical weight but an attempt at our psyche. I am not afraid to roam NYC today. Nor live here. Nor ride the subway. Those who live in fear are not free to fly. My wings are spread wider than ever, 10 years later.
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[#444 – #446]: Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in Cambodia, Dinner in the Middle East

#444:   After running an errand I came across Macaron cafe (36th & 7th ave.)
and decided to grab a bite to eat. What drew me in was the gorgeous display of French pastries and my sleepy senses catching whiff of their espresso. I ended up with the most authentic Iced Coffee I’ve ever had and a sent from heaven Nutella croissant. Breakfast of Champions.


#445:  Num Pang – Cambodian Sandwich Shop. Who knew? Whats on the menu… Halfsies with my work mate on Pulled Pork and their signature five spice pork belly w/pickled pear. Kind of scared of it at first but the sandwich was melt in your mouth amazing. On the side, coconut chile corn on the cob. Another fantastic surprise.


#446: Mamoun’s @ Macdougal St. – Best Falafel in the whole world, of NYC. Cash Only. Leave your table manners at the door. You’ll be covered in yogurt sauce in seconds. Thats what he said.

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[#441 & #442]: Vynl & Glee & Serendipity

I accidentally ended up at a gay bar. Let me explain…

I was looking for a Starbucks. Just somewhere I could sit and charge my phone after it died, again. Slowly I’m losing the Droid vs. the iPhone fight. So anyways, I just got off the L in Chelsea, after wandering about and I saw a cafe with its doors wide open, a table and a plug right next to it. Excellente. I went straight to the table and sat down. Got my self settled down and plugged up. Then a waiter came up to me asking if I wanted anything to drink. I looked thru the menu to see Grace Jones. Hmm. Grace Jones. Then other over the top seemingly drag or androgynous females. I looked up to see cutoff shorts and disco balls.

I was in a  gay bar. I guess this was only helping the “Oh that’s why she’s single” theories. I sat and people watched enjoying every second of men who could put Beyonce in her place with just with a bat of their perfectly set bedazzled eyelashes. On the menu was the best cobb salad of my life and note that on [#442] Tuesday’s was Glee night. Could it get any better? After work one day I made it back to watch the season finale of Glee at Vynl with people who would appreciate it, finally! Favorite moment: when the Lady Gaga commercial came on and everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to Mother Monster herself. I will definitely be back again for their awesome food and hopefully Oscar night.

So yeah I accidentally ended up at a gay bar, but let me explain… it was serendipitous.

P.S. This should have been a dead give away…

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[#439 & #440]: Midnight in Paris & Angelika

I am a mid- twenties, black girl from South Florida, an obvious Woody Allen fan. Annie Hall is one the best things I have ever seen and experienced. Then Vicky Cristina Barcelona. You could probably list those two as Pre Modern and Post Modern Woody, but they are both Woody. What I love about his films is that I can turn the tv on, in the middle of the movie, not even knowing the title, but after hearing the monologue, know its his work.

His latest movie is Midnight in Paris. I was little weary of seeing it after witnessing You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. But Woody writes and writes and writes. His filmography has its own wiki page. It’s inevitable he’ll have a few misses. (i.e. marrying his adopted stepdaughter).  But Midnight in Paris, was perfect. Owen Wilson is just pure charisma. That combined with Woody’s wit is good film. Rachel McAdam’s was the girl du jour. A great pair. Wedding Crashers and the Notebook. Who can complain?

The theater I saw it at was perfect. The infamous #440 Angelika art house theater in Soho. Im pretty sure the audience was full of well educated art enthusiasts and PHD’s when they erupted into a roar of laughter after hearing a character being referred to as a “pedantic”. It was like a weird inside joke. And they immediately knew who Cole Porter and the Fitzgerald’s were. Yes, they are great landmarks in time, but I’m used to discussing Vodka and Shoes with friends, not the Great Gatsby and the beginning of jazz, it took me a second, but I got it.

All in all, I loved the movie. I loved the characters. I loved the setting in Paris, New York.

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[#366 – #370] Thank You God. Thank You GAGA. Thank You NYC.

  • Getting a  fantastic J.O.B.
  • Exploring Wall St.
  • Amazing weather in NYC
  • My first Mister Softee
  • Seeing Lady Gaga after being told “your not getting in good luck!, the shows over, people have been waiting for two days!, you needed a ticket!” THEN having a lovely person walk up to me and say “hey wanna come with me inside?” out of the 100 people or more waiting right around me. Got to see a fantastic show in Central Park bright and early. BuhLESSED. Thank you God, Thank you Gaga, Thank you New York.

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[#364]: The River Garden

On Valentines day weekend when I came to visit the city, I roamed about and found this amazing array of flowers in the farmers market @ Union Square. These flowers were so unique, new, and gorgeous. It was also the first day I saw snow since I was the height of the flower baskets themselves. A truly magical day. I never grabbed the name of who manifested these creations but thanks to Google I now know it’s by The River Garden. They get their flowers from their farm located in South Cairo, New York . The owners are Farmers Market Sweethearts and their love is definitely seen in the displays.

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[#346]: Savage Beauty

I am still lingering over the moments at the museum and cannot stop obsessing over McQueen right now after visiting the exhibit. He truly was as great as Picasso or Beethoven thru the media of fashion. His very first show I saw younger was the one depicted after the picture Sanitarium by Joel Peter Watkin. The audience first saw themselves on the outside of giant box created by two way mirrors. Then the mirrors changed view to show you a box within a box which then broke down smashing its mirrored walls revealing a naked woman covered in moths and breathing thru some type of defibrillator.  Then when the models came out themselves to model his work all they could see was their reflection on the opposite side of the two ways. The point of this show was to reveal the beauty within. [you can see the video below] I also liked how he used the grotesque intermixed with beauty to get people to observe what they may have not before. This was was the master mind behind McQueen.  Do your best to see it if possible since it’s running thru July 31st. Here is the link to the current exhibition at the MET and also some videos on the late artists work.

The MET: http://blog.metmuseum.org/alexandermcqueen/about/

My favorite….

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[#250-#252]: My First Concert in Brooklyn, C.S.S., and Sleigh Bells

Last Thursday I was blessed enough to get to see Sleigh Bells and CSS in the same night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The location is great. I’m used to going to an arena and having to pay for 20 dollars drinks for a slight buzz before the show. The Price is Right at M.H.O.W. with cheap drinks and a great bar to hang outside in before the show and between sets.

The show itself was high energy, perfect size place to get every beat clammed into your pores, and back to back rock goddesses. Lovefoxxx was fantastic , fronting C.S.S. and belting their hits from the breakthrough “Music is my Hot, Hot Sex” and a edgier rendition “Art Bitch”. [favorite line, “suck my art hole”] Sleigh Bells came out heavy as a brick with “Iron Man” blasting and Krauss bringing the boys to their knees. Personal fave’s when they came out was of course “Riot Rhythm” and then “Rill Rill” which I love enough to put on the walk down the aisle to list.

After the show we ended up at Santo’s where C.S.S. did a DJ set, we raged like it was our birthday, and ended up behind the stage with Adriano Cintra from the band enjoying some “snacks” [use your imagination kids]. Perfection. Also if someone says “they can make you a star”, run in the opposite direction. They either are trying to steal an organ, or your virginity. Possibly even your dignity.

All in all, the show was a blast and I can’t wait for more Brooklyn Concerts to come.

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[#179]: Studio XXI

If you’re familiar with Love/Hate in Miami, then you will love/love this lounge because it’s definitely upgrade. It’s located in the west side in Chelsea. Good DJ with a mix of hip hop to old school R&B. I could have been imagining the Old School R&B with enough vodka tonics, but everyone was dancing rather than lounging. The decor was perfect with pieces from the local street artist ALEC. You might recognize his pieces depicting Rich Uncle Pennybag’s DJ-ing. [He deserves a “reason” article on his own] Definitely put this on your Friday to-do-list next time around.

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[#122-126]: The Mondrian and the Rain

First let me start this off by saying I love NYC and equally miss MIA…thats all..

So the night I went to the  (122) Mondrian, it initially started off at the Baby Grand. Props to that baby bar, my baby bill, and my babes Hoffman.

Me and the Hoff dashed across the street to Mr. H at the Mondrian thru a lightning storm to check out the venue only to be greeted by an awkwardly tall doorman telling us that “we know the dj” wasn’t enough. Whilst hiding underneath the 2 inch over pass and my 5 inch leather jacket, both doing jack sh*%$ in a hail storm, a nice group of people told us they would get us in while they were outside, voluntarily?, on a smoke break. We followed them in to the lobby while 50 cent, Floyd Mayweather, and their unrecognizable crew came thru the door. The doorman was a little person donning a large top hat (please tell me thats the right way to say that) who kindly let us thru the paparazzo. Inside was empty but had a dope playlist. Cool people but low energy. But what did it matter, the awkwardly tall doorman was right there to tell us our moment was over. “Come with me ladies I’m not kicking you out” as he guided us back into the lobby. [?] So there we were waiting for a taxi with 50 Cent(123) and Floyd Mayweather(124). Then outcomes Lisa Bonet’s lost daughter, I’m sure of it, the girl from skins,(125) Britne Oldford. She had cut her hair into a weaker version of Marge Simpson’s with a a slight tail, I loved it and hoped it would make it to TV. I wrote the plot for her haircut already. Cassie goes nuts in a mental hospital and chops off her hair while watching the Simpsons then King of the Hill. Genius. Then following her was another castmate from the show (126)James Newman who plays Tony. That was one of the moments you go “hmmmm I thought he’d be taller” but he wasnt. He was quite strange and I felt peered at me for a glimpse of recognition. I am as startstruck as they come, but when it comes to running up, asking for a pic and an autograph special with fries, that ain’t me. But power to the people who do.

I found out we were kicked out because it  was a film party for Scream 4. Interesting, so my first ime getting kicked out of somewhere was because I wasn’t on the guest list for a quadrequel, staright to DVD, USA rerun.

But hey cant complain when Im waiting in the rain with these guys….

I Love NYC.

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[#121] Baby Grand

[photo courtesy of Baby Grand]

An awesome bar found in Soho lit up inside by Lite Brites and the the interesting occupants singing karaoke per drink. Great spot to start off at or host a private event on your own Sunday Funday.

Song of Choice: Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders

Check out their site at: www.babygrandnyc.com

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[#120] Happy to Be NYC

What’s up with this city?

Songs written about it.

Plays performed for it.

Movies based upon it.

Careers sprung from it.

But for some reason the people who are blessed to call this city their home have no clue how amazing this city is. I understand my  naiveté may be at an all time high, but there is no reason to scoff at waiting for a taxi for FIVE minutes when in Miami I am sure they are as endangered as scrunchies.

Looking at apartments has been an eye opener and has definitely made me come to grips with the fact I lived in a miniature palace back in Sunny Isles, but nevertheless your steps away from everything. I walk downstairs and I have a bagel shop, karaoke bar, sushi house, pizza place, and ninja dojo if I decide to become a mutant turtle. Yet it’s the city of give and take. Never have I pondered compromise more than I have now. There is a limitless list of things that you say “well I did enjoy having an elevator, but I guess I’ll learn to crawl up a five story walk up on a drunken night..”

But it’s ok, because I’m in New York. I get excited over glimpses of the Chrysler building thru an apartment window, roof tops reminiscent of a scene from West Side story, and falafel cart cravings easily cured on every and any corner.

The city has welcomed me in with open arms (and weirdly enough two High school mates I saw walking down the street separately). Yes, a New York minute is real, consuming, and I’ve felt like I’ve been here for a month within 72 hours. Nevertheless, I am determined to create my Zen sanctuary whether it be in Manhattan or within little Egypt in Astoria so I may truly be Cleopatra coming at cha.

All the dream jobs I have imagined are here, as well as the ladder to the dream check in the job. Thankfully enough there are plenty of recruiters to present it to you. Sunday Funday is actually Sunday Crunkday because I’m pretty sure I encountered Ultra part two at the Collective on Sunday. A spot I randomly found in Soho called Le Orange Bleu is definitely going to become a regular spot for me. $16.95 brunch including a gourmet entrée of choice and unlimited sangrias/mimosas/or beers. I even just missed Thierry Henry himself at the restaurant! Hopefully soon I will post on our first date.

So the excitement has begun, the rush is still high, and the weather is warming up. Needless to say I’m happy to be free, me, and in NYC.

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#94 and #95: Where the Heart is…

No this is not a post about Natalie Portman’s lifetime movie. Theres enough out there about her for now.

Making a decision based on the heart, it ain’t easy. I just made one of the toughest decisions so far in my life based on what my tick-tocker has decided. That tricky bitch has me giving up everything and making some huge sacrifices, but I trust her. So far so good. This has helped me realize two things to be happy about.

#94: When you follow your heart, everything seems to fall in place. So many people have told me “Life is not a movie Jessica” since all my hair brain schemes somehow seem to fall out of a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks romantic comedy. Nevertheless, I am amazed by the way things seem to play out like a movie when I do follow my heart. “Miracles happen, once in a while, if you believe.” I can’t seem to remember what cheesy movie played that towards the end of their movie, but I can’t stop playing it in my head. Sometimes you got to believe and appreciate the “magic” around you or whatever you want to call it. Reminders of the un-ordinary in seemingly ordinary situations. I truly believe you can make your life extremely fantastic by igniting it thru positive words and thoughts. Yes, I am still on a journey, but while on the stroll/jog/sprint, my head is shaking from amazement in where it has taken me along the way. So here’s to that tricky bitch, my heart.

#95: Home is where the Heart is…

In making this new decision, I will have to uproot myself from my most extreme comfort zone: Miami. Not only, the city and friends who have become an extended immediate family, but also my home. My apartment has been a token of my success thus far. Beach view, intracoastal view, glass balcony… Damn this is going to suck! I truly decorated this place to a tee the day before I found out that New York was a calling. Effing New York. Good timing New York! Why now New York?!?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, I HEART NY just like any tourist who avidly watches Sex and the City, is a 20-something female/gay male, and grew up on Audrey Hepburn. It’s the whole living situation. I wish I could drag and click my apartment straight into Central Park. But since Steve Job’s has yet to make an app for that, I am on a scavenger hunt for a place. Now try telling a realtor how much you pay now, to how much you want to pay and live in the city. He may sign you up for a stand up night at a local comedy bar. May even put you in classifieds for Needs Help. Lets just say, he’ll laugh at you and call you crazy.

So far, I’ve been blessed and I expect nothing less but an extraordinary turn out of events. I am blindly optimistic, and thats all I have. My worrying has lessened from an 11 to a 9.5. Yeah, I will not have the beach at my doorstep, but it’s not forever. Yes, I will be uprooting from everything I know, but it’s nice to learn something new. Yes, I ill be leaving close friends here, but thank God for technology and for the friends and family I have in NYC. Never in my life has this statement rang more true than now: “Home is where the heart is”. With my heart being in the city of dreams, whilst making my dreams come true, I can truly make it my home.

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