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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 25

25. A song by an artist to no longer living:


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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 22

22. A song that moves you forward –

AMY WINEHOUSE – Tears Dry on Their Own

I just poofed my hair a little higher in memory of …

as well as

JASON MRAZ – Make it Mine 


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[#455]: Amy Winehouse

Hearing Amy Winehouse died is not how I want to remember today…

Today I walked around with  my roommate having humorous banter looking at even more humorous apartments

Today I wandered about on my own, about a mile, just to find some more beautiful pictures to show where I am today, in the greatest city.

Today it was so hot, that the drink I mysteriously could not grow fond of, iced tea, I had in three different flavors and I must say the lemonade passion fruit iced tea at Starbucks takes the cake

But today Amy Winehouse died and it makes me sad that ill never show her my painting of her, see her in concert, hear her 3rd album. Gone too soon. I feel she was victim of her own love. Love for music. Fear of the world it brought her. Love for Blake. Fate of the rollercoaster it led her. Love for the edge and the addiction that ended her.

These moments should bring humility not finger-pointing at a sickness. She’s a human being who became vulnerable to things that fortunately, you and I, may not have. Be thankful.

When it comes to her as a musician, she was and is a legend. Her voice is of old and new. Motown inspired mixed with London streets. Where else can you hear a voice like that bellow out of a lanky, brit, jewish girl? I thank God for Amy Winehouse and the voice that inspired me to sing. We should all be so lucky to follow and live out dreams.
In remembrance, I’ll keep on playing Frank and Back to Black endlessly. Hang her painting a little bit higher. And stand by her legacy for the artist she was.

Chill in Peace Amy