[#536-545]: Memory (+10)

Memory is a funny thing. Once I was told nothing exists out of consciousness and our ability to remember. So instead of us keeping the memories alive. Memories keep US alive. It’s kind of interesting to know that 10 years ago mostly everyone I know and strangers on TV know details of how that day went.


  • Sophmore Year in Highschool
  • Cardinal Newman HS, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Mr Howell’s Social Studies Class
  • He turned on the TV after one of the teachers down the hall told him something
  • burning building
  • next class
  • another burning building
  • people falling
  • shadows of planes
  • crying in the overpass
  • not knowing what would happen
  • fears of war
  • fears of family hurt
  • tears, lots and lots of tears
10 Years later I am in New York. 10 years later. But I’m still here as are the memories as is New York City. And without those memories I know we would not be as strong as we are today. I In rememberance, I try to not to live my life in fear. The negative actions on that day were not simply an attack of physical weight but an attempt at our psyche. I am not afraid to roam NYC today. Nor live here. Nor ride the subway. Those who live in fear are not free to fly. My wings are spread wider than ever, 10 years later.
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