[#768]: The Motha Truckin “M”

In Astoria, I have two options when it comes to the subway :

The R Train known for being “R”arely there.


The M train which before knowing its usefulness, every time it arrived I dubbed it “The Motha Trucking M!”

I used to think the M was the train that took longer, since there were stops on it that I didn’t recognize and seemed useless. Like who the fudge ever gets on or off at 36th and why is there a 23rd St & Ely (what the truck is an Ely?) stop on top of that before I get to the city?

After realizing the R is the slowest of all slows, old, and seems to attract more crazy people,

The M has become my reliable mode of transport.

Now I jump for joy when I see the Motha Trucking M round the bend getting me to work on time, even before my “punctual” co-worker.

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