[#120] Happy to Be NYC

What’s up with this city?

Songs written about it.

Plays performed for it.

Movies based upon it.

Careers sprung from it.

But for some reason the people who are blessed to call this city their home have no clue how amazing this city is. I understand my  naiveté may be at an all time high, but there is no reason to scoff at waiting for a taxi for FIVE minutes when in Miami I am sure they are as endangered as scrunchies.

Looking at apartments has been an eye opener and has definitely made me come to grips with the fact I lived in a miniature palace back in Sunny Isles, but nevertheless your steps away from everything. I walk downstairs and I have a bagel shop, karaoke bar, sushi house, pizza place, and ninja dojo if I decide to become a mutant turtle. Yet it’s the city of give and take. Never have I pondered compromise more than I have now. There is a limitless list of things that you say “well I did enjoy having an elevator, but I guess I’ll learn to crawl up a five story walk up on a drunken night..”

But it’s ok, because I’m in New York. I get excited over glimpses of the Chrysler building thru an apartment window, roof tops reminiscent of a scene from West Side story, and falafel cart cravings easily cured on every and any corner.

The city has welcomed me in with open arms (and weirdly enough two High school mates I saw walking down the street separately). Yes, a New York minute is real, consuming, and I’ve felt like I’ve been here for a month within 72 hours. Nevertheless, I am determined to create my Zen sanctuary whether it be in Manhattan or within little Egypt in Astoria so I may truly be Cleopatra coming at cha.

All the dream jobs I have imagined are here, as well as the ladder to the dream check in the job. Thankfully enough there are plenty of recruiters to present it to you. Sunday Funday is actually Sunday Crunkday because I’m pretty sure I encountered Ultra part two at the Collective on Sunday. A spot I randomly found in Soho called Le Orange Bleu is definitely going to become a regular spot for me. $16.95 brunch including a gourmet entrée of choice and unlimited sangrias/mimosas/or beers. I even just missed Thierry Henry himself at the restaurant! Hopefully soon I will post on our first date.

So the excitement has begun, the rush is still high, and the weather is warming up. Needless to say I’m happy to be free, me, and in NYC.

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One thought on “[#120] Happy to Be NYC

  1. Frank Arteaga says:

    Hey Girl i’m so happy things are working out for you there. i read this and i moves me to make a big change in my life and start something somewhere new somewhere else. kinda like i did when i decided to join the Air Force. I’m glad that you are following your dreams and i hope you continue to do so…

    your friend

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