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[#317]: Alcoholics Branded

I’m glad Ramona, an obvious belligerent drunk, gets her own wine. She is highly entertaining, but she is still a drunk who constantly ruins public events, while her friends scoot away and silently making the “this bitch is nuts face” in the background. Usually a face like this:

This bitch now how has alcohol with her name on it. I’m not talking about any glass of Pinot Grigio in the 3 Mile radius (which she will latch every tentacle out to grab) but an actual wine brand. This makes plenty of sense. Next Tigers Blood by Charlie Sheen, Crack Cocaine by Courtney Love, and Everything But the Kitchen Sink [actually toss that sink in] in a pill format by L.Lohan for your very own purchase.

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[#197] Campus PD

Scrolling between trying to find the recent Housewives episode and Saturday Morning cartoons, I found a new show to add to my guilty pleasures: Campus PD. It’s almost as good as Cheaters, simply for people who can relate to going to college while being entirely too wasted on every day that ended in a Y. Sadly enough they got caught on camera. It’s likes Cops JR.  It’s pretty hilarious to see a 19 year old try to fight a cop twice his size over pouring out his Natural Ice. Liquid Courage. These kids aren’t really doing anything bad except strolling the sidewalks of their campus with a Four Loco and a fake I.D. Who knew that could lead to arrest? I certainly would have not and I’m glad the coppers never got me, but lets pour one for the homies on the show who did.You can catch the show on G4. (Never heard f the channel til today, so maybe you should just google it.)

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