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A little more than recently, I have begun living with two guys. One of whom is a personal trainer and has become obsessed with documentaries which has spilled into incessant conversations on peak oil and the demise of our society as whole. Heartwarming, I know. Nevertheless, I enjoy a good documentary time to time myself. Usually on music, drugs and maybe some French person I’ve never heard of who is a poet and may have committed murder. I’ve begun to switch it up lately with the influence of my roommate and  this weekend we watched Vegucated. The synopsis of the movie read something like, Three meat and cheese loving New Yorkers explore the possibilities of a vegan lifestyle in a 30 day challenge. 

Seeing how I am a meat and cheese loving New Yorker, who has recently, begun to make changes in what I eat, I was intrigued. It was nothing new seeing the animal torture that occurs in our farms, but something struck a chord this time. It could have been the baby chicks in clear plastic bags suffocating to death while they were deemed not worthy enough for a fast food chain. It could have been seeing the statistics linked with heart disease, various forms of cancer and other illnesses in our country in comparison to other countries who consume less meat as well as use different methods in farming. It may have been the fact that the way we go about getting our meat has reached its peak and it’s a catalyst in global warming. That our country is already responding by feeding us crappy versions of it and being even more crappy by treating these animals like life was never theirs to claim. That eventually they are either going to have to stop producing as much or hiking the prices. The fact that eating less meat is not only necessary for our planet but necessary for our bodies.

To say I’m going vegan would be a leap I’m not ready to take. But consuming less meat is. Also consuming meat that is free range is a leap I have to take. There are great options out there. One day I may leap to another level, and be a dread doting Rastafarian, but today I can happily enjoy my Vegan Burrito and know that maybe this weekend I’ll stop by Bare Burger. There are happy, healthy, tasty options out there.

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