Oh Hey, 2012

With my last post titled “Slacking, but not Really” this would be the sequel to that.

Since then, especially since the last month alone, my life has changed completely. Thru job losses, to job gains, to job losses and job gains a”gain”. To a new roommate via Craigslist, of all places, and dodging the possibilities of him being the Craigslist killer as my friend so not-causing-me-to-be-paranoid-and-googling-the-shit-out-0f-him put it. To moving two months later, adding another roommate to the equation, a block over. To the reality of living with two guys. To living out the two guys, a girl and an Astoria pizza place 90’s scene. (It was a tv show, please google) To a love life as confusing as the 90’s. (possibly google-able)

But it’s all good. It really is.

If I could sum it up in word, Mary Poppins would be tongue-tied. So basically I can’t. The whirlwind of NYC is going strong and I feel like my feet are finally planted on the ground here. The question is for how long, as I speak to my Florida friends and they ask when am I coming “home”?. And I agree, it still is my home. I still wonder why there isn’t a Chick-fil-A or Lime down the street. I still think about how many times I’ve missed Church aka the Beach on Sundays.

If anything, Frank Ocean, is helping me sum up this time in my life. His album Channel Orange is constantly playing on my iPod and if not there, it’s on repeat in my head. Mainly “Monks” while I  “mosh for enlightenment”.  I was a little “Lost” for a bit, but now I am more of a “Sweet Life” melody. My “It’s Complicated” playlist is on repeat as well, which will stay on private away from my Facebook share fest. Yet my obsession with Hall & Oates and Barbra Streisand will continuously be posted to News feed via Spotify, because that is not embarrassing…at all.

Life is good. Life is entertaining. Life is giving me more to write about. There is always something to write about it. Yet the inertia to pick up my pen, or give my opposable thumb a day job on my phones note pad, is not always present and should not be ignored. I won’t ignore it.


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