Slacking, but not really

Im back to blogging b/c for the past few months (aka year) I have been solely focused on looking for a new job, especially since 2012 has started. I’ve interviewed with some of the most amazing companies from Gucci to Clear Channel’s CEO John Sykes. Both who did not hire me. Be sure of it when I’m newsworthy enough for a memoir, I will dedicate a chapter to how lucky they could have been to have me. Until then, call me! But luckily/blessed enough, I have landed a job as Merchandiser for XTreme Time. I am really excited to be able to be creative in my day job finally! I am on the the path to becoming the Creative Director I’ve dreamed to be. If I become something else later on, let it be, but Im on my way nevertheless. Hard work does pay off, eventually. Right when I was close to giving it up and planning to go back to Miami, New York pulled me right on back in. It was a great way to celebrate being here for a year officially in April. So far what New York has taught me is definitely memoir worthy. Heres to filing the pages 🙂

Here are some of the boards I made for the interview:


I am super excited to get started and I cant wait to share with you my creations and inspirations.

New name idea? Mermaid Merchandista?


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