Church on a Saturday

Today I was blessed enough to turn my TV to CNN exactly as Whitney’s Funeral Service began.

To wake up on a day off and watch people mourn over the loss of a loved one may not seem ideal in most instances, but it was for Whitney. A week ago when the world found out of her passing, I immediately begin crying. I wasnt sure if I was being dramatic post listening to my Best of Broadway playlist, but I felt like I lost a friend.

Today it all hit. Growing up with Whitney made it feel like a part of me died with her. Not lost, just somewhere else. Alicia Keys spoke today saying it was obvious to her that Whitney crept into all of our hearts. Since Donnie Mcclurkin sang “Stand” early in the service, the waterfall from both my eyeballs have been on a full steady flow. I grew up going to different churches through the years. Since going off on my own, I have kept my relationship with God, but as far as keeping my Sunday Church visits, they have been amiss. Today I yearned for that back in my life. The world went to Church today and I will never forget this feeling, I pray I don’t. If Whitney’s voice was for this day alone, then that is something to be thankful for. Yet we all know it was so much more. It stinks to realize it All at Once in such sad times, but then it all becomes celebrated times, All at Once. With the love of music that I have always carried, Whitney’s voice was a triumphant part of that love. Her songs, her words, her voice will all shine a little bit brighter than before. We will listen a little bit harder to that message that was channeled thru her. Hopefully we will all learn a little bit better today how precious life is and how precious Gods love is. I love Whitney. Just a week or two before she died I was blasting her greatest hits singing at the top of my lungs, annoying my neighbors I’m sure. Still, I can’t stop singing, and I wont. I thank Whitney for being human, humble, and a hero for girls like me who grew up watching Woman like her.


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