Reasons to be Free

For 2012, I am leaving my blog to be free, no stress to hit a number, just free to be what the day calls for it.

Today it calls for more music.

While reading Breaking Dawn I have become an ultimate mush fest. This is why I delayed reading this book for so long. I knew Id Twihard myself into a delirium of daydreaming and love songs.

For once I can say its better to see the movie first then read the book. Because the book gives you more details and you have the image of where they were from the movie already in mind. I.e. I know when Im reading the parts narrated by Jacob about how many abs he is flexing per breath.

There are a few songs I can’t stop playing due to this Twihard syndrome:

“Flightless Bird”  Iron & Wine

“Turning Page”  Sleeping at Last

Mix those two with a song from a recent movie I saw called Submarine [a Brit pic, dark romance, with an awesome soundtrack musically supervised by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys].

The song:

“Hiding Tonight” Alex Turner

Put on the candles, break out your Team Jacob shirt, a jar of Nutella and you have yourself a ball.


One thought on “Reasons to be Free

  1. Tino says:

    I love the whole soundtrack. Also, Robert is a musician. At least, one of his originals made the soundtrack. Check out, Never Think. Thanks, for your posts and blog. Peace and Blessings.

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