[#786-#2,011]: Hail to the New Year

My goal for my blog last year was to post 2,011 reasons of being happy, so to do some major catching up and reach the 2,011 reasons of happiness on New Years day, I am thankful for:

Surviving in NYC for 267 days so far since moving here in April.

Post Conde Nast getting Conde Nasty on me and dropping me before I even started, getting a job at Glitterrings and having worked there for 214 days.

Through the harsh reality of finding an apt n NYC, I am thankful for finding my haven in Astoria and being eviction free for 153 days.

The 210 “Drunky Bears” (gummy bears soaked in Vodka) we inhaled yesterday for New Years resulting in me waking up with a broken toenail and stories about me dancing way too hard. Both which I dont remember occuring.

Finding out that Chachi will be having another baby Chachi on the way. And also for the current baby Chachi, Avany Joy, who is seriously one of the coolest short people I know.

My friend Amber leaving a turkey wrap with avocado in the fridge for me and for also holding my hair while I puked Drunky bears (another thing I don’t remember)

For Horrible Bosses arriving from my Netflix queue yesterday and comforting me in my Drunky Bears hangover.

That there are no video or pictures of me dancing. (I hope)

For my robot I painted saying bad words in Japanese, whose name is Herman.

For Sparkling wine and strawberries and red shoes.

For the Love I already have in my life and for more to come.

For my e-reader my Mom got me for Christmas.

For Breaking Dawn on my e-reader, although I have hope which will most likely go unfulfilled that Jacob will knock my door down soon and imprint on me.

For Excedrin.

For the Candy Store across the street that I really think is a cover store for drugs but supplies me with Snickers and Starburst and Ginger Ale.

For BeingNlightened.

That although I was once afraid of 2012 after watching too many History Channel specials on the Mayans, I welcome what the year brings with arms wide open. I am thankful already for the next 365 days. Its going to be the year where I get everything I’ve been working for.

oh yeah and for this song I heard in a movie today…


2 thoughts on “[#786-#2,011]: Hail to the New Year

  1. Mandy says:

    That candy store is called D&Ms… yyeeeeaaahhh

  2. Frank says:

    Nothing ventured nothing gained… 😉

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