[#769-#788]: Last Twenty Dollars and the Post Turkey reasons to be happy

Back in Miami, if I were to spend all day inside I would be shunned and forced to spend tomorrow all day in the sun and have my skin burned as punishment.

But here in the city its cold, and I have every reason to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers and Somethings Gotta Give for the 14th day in a row. If Showtime plans on playing it, I plan on watching it.

Either way I was productive. I spent all day applying for jobs and writing, because I have no fricking choice but to. I need a new job like the Catholic Church needs a new reputation.

In my solitude, I found a song that pretty much played it all out beautifully.

Mozella – “My Last $20”

(counting as 20 beautiful reasons)

She sings :

“I’m not lookin’ for love I’m just tryin’ to make rent
And i miss my family and i miss the way I used to be
The better half of me you simply refused to see
And it’s kinda cold outside
And you turn me away and say you’re not Hiring today

‘Cause I’m down to my last 20 dollars
And I’m down to my last nerve
And I’m hoping to find the respect I deserve”

I wish that I had the option of a musical response to most questions.

How are you? Whats new? Hows work? Hows your love life?

Then I could just play that song.


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