[#694]: NYC Affirmations, Circa 2008

Back in 2008,

When I had just graduated, left Miami for the time being, shacked up at my Dad’s house in Atlanta, and was greeted with the Great Depression of finding a job in the declining market and living with less then enthusiastic parents who just didn’t understand (the fresh prince feels me)…

I had decided to write an affirmation list one day when I was fed up. I was on the border between expanding to NYC or moving back to Miami when I had to two different options on the horizon. On this day in particular, I apparently was leaning towards NYC, and wrote this:

I am a successful young woman.
Success has arrived and more is on the way.
God is within me and without HIM I am nothing.
Love is on the way and around me.
New York is for me to be in.
I am on my way to New York city.
I have received a job in New York with a salary that is amazing.
I believe this and I have received it.
God is good.
And all the good in this universe is allowing me to receive this great success.

Funny enough, present day 2011 is feeling this and hearing this loud & clear. At that point in time, I ended up taking a great opportunity in Miami, which was definitely not regretted. But now I as I awake in my apartment in New York, on my way to work on Fifth Ave, and maybe a new venture soon enough, this is my everyday affirmation.

Positive affirmations and mantras are powerful, whats yours?

Have a B-E-A-Utiful Dia


One thought on “[#694]: NYC Affirmations, Circa 2008

  1. that seems perfect!!! Thank u !! Ur great!

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