[#693]: Halloween Remix

This Halloween,

I’m watching Rocky Horror on mute, while listening to the late night R&B station (Fresh 102.7) while they are playing:

The Dells ” A Heart is a House for Love”

Blue Magic “What Comes Over Me”

…which makes for the best remix since a White Chocolate Kit Kat.

Its toward the end of the movie where Tim Curry/ Dr Frank-N-Furter gets served Cesar style. “Et tu Transexual Brute?”

Im pretty sure when they make the remake of this movie, James Franco will play the part. Which I’m fine with as long as he officially comes out of the closet.

p.s. … while watching the movie Submarine and eating my sad experimental excuse for Chicken Fried Rice which is more of a chicken cous cous soup. horrid.

p.p.s. while i must save myself from sounding like a retired club kid, i did celebrate already. proof lies in my camera where i played a fire hydrant like a saxophone while a top a couch in club called Juliet, in a outfit i named Business and Pleasure (a sequin dress in a blazer). I’ve denied the idea of sexy day jobs outfits as costumes (i.e. prostitute mail carrier) unless i lose 20lbs, buy a delorian, and date a man who is prettier than me. here, here to wit.

happy halloween xoxo


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