[#689]: Living Single

Yeah I’ve been obsessed with posting videos this week but this one should top things off perfectly. The question of singledom, for many people, is a question, for many people, which prefers to go unanswered. Simply because it shouldnt be a big deal. If you’re single, enjoy it. One day you will find your big deal love. Until then enjoy your free time of not having to be with anyone, not having to do anything but what you want to do. It’s a beautiful thing. “You time” is precious time. And like so many things in life, you don’t know what you got til its gone. So when you’re 10 years into relationship-ville and you’re annoyed about having someone mess up your side of the bed, interrupt your pore cleansing time, and change the channel on You’ve Got Mail for Sunday Night Football, know that the time alone was spent well. So being single is not a curse, it’s a time of observance of “you”, for you. Get yourself together, so when it’s time to get yourself together with someone else, you wont have left yourself behind.


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