[#677]: George Harrison: Living in the Material Word

Currently on HBO there is a special playing called George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by George’s wife, Olivia.

Richard Corliss from Time Magazine wrote in review of the doc “Let a million fans smile while watching Living in the Material World, and a million guitars gently weep.”

It truly is a great documentary for showing more of “the quiet Beatle” in the best way possible. Also for showing things that are almost nearly impossible to find ourselves, even through the help of the all mighty Google and his V6 engines.

Like this bit on when George and John Lennon being interviewed on “Mysticism”. I thought how poignant it was what George mentioned in response, how timely it was that they simply sat and discussed their thoughts, and it was worth the time of television programming! Almost like the time of Socrates, almost. How is this all lost in time? Oh well thanks to the camera on my phone I can share.

[Please disregard the shakiness, I am no Scorsese]

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One thought on “[#677]: George Harrison: Living in the Material Word

  1. Dan Cat says:

    Thank you so much for this… indeed, the Beatles were gifted this knowledge – who better to spread such a message, at that time they were the most popular people in the world – and yet it is now forgotten in the midst of time. George puts it so succinctly. I guess Lennon is remembered as the great one because he died much younger (and horribly) and was more outspoken.

    Dan x

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