[#577 & #578]: Saturday Morning Cartoons & a Twist of Drama

Thank God for Cable! I thought I became a psuedo-anti-bravo-kardashian-jersey shore needer due to the fact “i could watch it all online”. But of course setting up the cable couldn’t be without a slight twist of drama….

This is the action that became of the meter maid giving our cable guy a ticket. In his defense DirectTV man came to drop some coins in his meter and the meter man wouldnt let him add it in. “You have to already be in the car”. Then the DirectTV guy went loco and began taking pictures of him as proof (as seen above).

Either way this has lead to me being able to watch Hey Arnold! on a Saturday Morning. I love this show. Might even name my child Arnold one day because Kermit would be weird.

Also his school is PS 118, my special number, just saying.

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