[#549]: The Brave Little Toaster

Maybe I will name my blog this next year. Maybe I will write a screenplay called the Brave Little Stoner. Maybe…

Either way its good to reminisce. I just read a girls tumblr blog where she reblogged a gif from the movie and in my head I was like “f&*% yeah the Brave Little Toaster, f%$# yeah”. I think my subconscious was dying to see this again. And now its flooding with old movies from the Good Ole Days like Bebe’s Kids, One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater, Mother Goose Rock “n’ Rhyme ( had to Google the title but hello Shelley Duvall as Mother Goose was awesome)… anywho for now, The Brave Little Toaster really makes me want to drop some f bombs.



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