[#532]: “Here are your keys…”

Around the 1st of the month, something happened…

The clouds opened on to my gloomy path of “settling” into NYC and gave me keys to an apartment in Astoria! The path included:

  • Involving myself in a professional scavenger hunt in NYC amongst brokers, walk-up’s, and rats (oh my!)
  • Embarrassingly small “apartments” in the Upper East Side, not large enough to hold my 4-ft christmas tree from Target.
  • Finding an apartment in Astoria.
  • Having it taken away once the landlords brother-in-law needed it.
  • Crying and having an “un-happy” hour at a pub in Murray Hill, running into a past classmate strangely enough from college in Miami, talking about how much more money he makes than me and my roommate, visiting his apt in the middle of the city, making the un happy hour a grade A event.
  • Looking for apartments in Williamsburg in the last week of the month.
  • Considering the idea of living between two projects, because it was close to the subway and had a cute bar beneath the building.
  • Realizing cops on every corner is not a good sign and dropping the Willyburg dream.
  • Getting a call back from the Astoria apt, “our brother-in-law found a place, its yours if you’re still interested?”

Seeing how my Astoria landlord had no clue on the complications of finding an apartment in New York, she was confused why I sounded so depressed and beaten over the phone. I soon reminded her that she had ruined my life for almost a week and that I’d more than happy to walk away from the edge of the rooftop I was standing on and take the apartment in Astoria. There is nothing better than the words “here are your keys”, absolutely nothing.

I was told its only up from here, which is fantastic to know. Were close enough to the main areas in Astoria, and the subway as well. No projects that I know of to avoid. And lots of food joints and bars to keep me entertained.

Astoria, here I am.


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