[#528 -#531] : Excuses?

So its been nearly a month since the last post.

Sad but true.

But trust me I have lots of excuses!!!!

I moved into my apartment! #528

Got all my stuff from Miami! #529

Slept in my own, Ikea, beautiful, perfect bed for the first time in 4 months!!! #530

But we havent had internet or cable, so life on the prairie has held me back from surfing the web as freely as I like.  Verizon and the workers conveniently on strike can be thanked for that as well.

But I have made multiple lists in the meantime, of reasons to be happy.

Like surviving my very first (and hopefully last) earthquake, reason number #531!!!!

Yes there will be more to come and soon… thanks for staying tuned 🙂


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