[#449]: Decisions, Decisions

This is what looking for an apt in New York looks like..

A million and one fake listings.  A giant list of bait and when you call for the apt “oh sorry its no longer available but I do have something else at least $500 above what you were looking for”…switch.

Realtors are like sharks, no offense. No Fee & Fee is basically the hideous reality between getting what you want and getting what you need in NYC. A No Fee: move in faster and get something where you might have to walk up 10 flights, and be in a sketchier area than you dreamt of in the Sex and the City dreamworld.  A Fee (basically an extra months rent to move in aka your entire life savings and eat ramen for 5 months) and get the place 9 flights up instead. Looking for an apartment in the city is like looking for love in a South beach club. It ain’t easy, but if you keep at it you just might find, the one (#449 pending upon approval)….


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