[#444 – #446]: Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in Cambodia, Dinner in the Middle East

#444:   After running an errand I came across Macaron cafe (36th & 7th ave.)
and decided to grab a bite to eat. What drew me in was the gorgeous display of French pastries and my sleepy senses catching whiff of their espresso. I ended up with the most authentic Iced Coffee I’ve ever had and a sent from heaven Nutella croissant. Breakfast of Champions.


#445:  Num Pang – Cambodian Sandwich Shop. Who knew? Whats on the menu… Halfsies with my work mate on Pulled Pork and their signature five spice pork belly w/pickled pear. Kind of scared of it at first but the sandwich was melt in your mouth amazing. On the side, coconut chile corn on the cob. Another fantastic surprise.


#446: Mamoun’s @ Macdougal St. – Best Falafel in the whole world, of NYC. Cash Only. Leave your table manners at the door. You’ll be covered in yogurt sauce in seconds. Thats what he said.

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