[#441 & #442]: Vynl & Glee & Serendipity

I accidentally ended up at a gay bar. Let me explain…

I was looking for a Starbucks. Just somewhere I could sit and charge my phone after it died, again. Slowly I’m losing the Droid vs. the iPhone fight. So anyways, I just got off the L in Chelsea, after wandering about and I saw a cafe with its doors wide open, a table and a plug right next to it. Excellente. I went straight to the table and sat down. Got my self settled down and plugged up. Then a waiter came up to me asking if I wanted anything to drink. I looked thru the menu to see Grace Jones. Hmm. Grace Jones. Then other over the top seemingly drag or androgynous females. I looked up to see cutoff shorts and disco balls.

I was in a  gay bar. I guess this was only helping the “Oh that’s why she’s single” theories. I sat and people watched enjoying every second of men who could put Beyonce in her place with just with a bat of their perfectly set bedazzled eyelashes. On the menu was the best cobb salad of my life and note that on [#442] Tuesday’s was Glee night. Could it get any better? After work one day I made it back to watch the season finale of Glee at Vynl with people who would appreciate it, finally! Favorite moment: when the Lady Gaga commercial came on and everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to Mother Monster herself. I will definitely be back again for their awesome food and hopefully Oscar night.

So yeah I accidentally ended up at a gay bar, but let me explain… it was serendipitous.

P.S. This should have been a dead give away…

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