[#195]: Fran Lebowitz, My Hero

After watching the HBO Special, “Public Speaking”, I realized that I am, or am on my way to becoming, Fran Lebowitz.


  • In one way or another, I am a Jewish woman. Not that this is a defining factor of Fran, but indeed, her sense of humor is of guilt, judgement, and straight forward non-give-a-fuckery. Lots of Hebrew-womandom tenses there. And you know what they say, Jamaicans are black Jews.
  • She’s funny, I think that in some ways, when my brain fart goes amiss and word vomit has its way, I can make someone laugh.
  • Misanthropy, when googled and wikipedia-ed, might be my new religion. She did not indeed pronounce herself as a follower of the notion, but I’m sure if approached and a chapel was built under the belief, she in fact would be the high priestess.
Fran was, and still is, cooler than cool. She’s Old New York, she wrote for Interview magazine as appointed by Andy Warhol, and Scorsese adores her. Indeed, her package is not as appealing as Jolie’s or Halle’s but she is truly an icon.
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