[#178]: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Until about an hour ago, I was sure my break through piece into the world of writing would be creating the adaptation of my last favorite read into a screenplay: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. I figured Brad Pitt would be the voice over for Enzo or maybe even George Clooney. Enzo was the main character in the book, a golden retriever. I cried almost immediately in the first few pages of the book with my connection to him. Growing up, I never had a dog due to my mother being a germaphobe and my only pets were to be stuffed animals and a goldfish named Cali from California. Just reading the intro to Enzo made me feel like I grew up with a dog my whole life and that he was now given a voice through the book. I loved Enzo. Then his owner, Denny, was a race car driver which is where the title derives. The author must have really done his research or have been the #1 Earnhardt fan, because he went into details on racing so much that I now know racing enough to be a commentator. The person who I depicted to play this part would have definitely been Mark Ruffalo. Not so sure what caused me to Google the book but I read “Patrick Dempsey to play Denny”….”to be released in 2012”. Boombaclot! But hey I’m happy to know there is appreciation out there for this book. I was on the subway and one woman shouted “Oh I read that book!” She even told me that the ending was great and that I will be in for a surprise. I love surprises so thank you lady. The rest of that ride was weird because her arm was on me more than necessary and then every time I turned a page I really felt like she had something to say, or maybe it was that I wanted to say “could ya please move your arm?” I may not be winning Best Adaptation at the Oscars for the book, but I’m definitely happy I found it on the bookshelf and also a new found love for Man’s Best Friend.

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One thought on “[#178]: The Art of Racing in the Rain

  1. Jessica says:

    I just finished this book and googled it and saw Patrick Dempsey is going to play denny. I was surprised and happy to find out it was going to be a movie. I felt Dempsey wasn’t too far off from the person whom I had envisioned while reading… Mark Ruffalo!!!
    So then I googled mark ruffalo and the book’s title and found you. If more than one person pictures someone(someone who is a little obscure -not brad pitt ) as a character in a book then I think that really says something about the writing and character development.

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