[#128]: Pomp & Circumstance

Today a girl named Kate’s dreams came true. Too bad my name isn’t Kate because this day was mostly dreadful, but in the midst of it all I watched a fairytale across the tele. (About three times). Kate Middleton was a delight to see. The dress. The tiara. Her entire demeanor. It really is something to see history in the making. For only a day I could imagine what it was to be a princess. Yet, I shivered at the idea of my Facebook photos being revealed. Old trysts coming to reporters of what I said when I spoke in my sleep. Middle school photos.Maybe, that wouldn’t work for me. Yet for Kate, she is a lucky girl and for a day we all said “Why couldn’t I find a Prince William?” This is what we do. Just as we did in Twilight and the Notebook and me with Lady & the Tramp. Nevertheless, I found myself lucky to be me. With the choice to choose my own path amongst pomp and circumstance, it was path where I was free to do as I please in the most part. Cheers to that.

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