[#122-126]: The Mondrian and the Rain

First let me start this off by saying I love NYC and equally miss MIA…thats all..

So the night I went to the  (122) Mondrian, it initially started off at the Baby Grand. Props to that baby bar, my baby bill, and my babes Hoffman.

Me and the Hoff dashed across the street to Mr. H at the Mondrian thru a lightning storm to check out the venue only to be greeted by an awkwardly tall doorman telling us that “we know the dj” wasn’t enough. Whilst hiding underneath the 2 inch over pass and my 5 inch leather jacket, both doing jack sh*%$ in a hail storm, a nice group of people told us they would get us in while they were outside, voluntarily?, on a smoke break. We followed them in to the lobby while 50 cent, Floyd Mayweather, and their unrecognizable crew came thru the door. The doorman was a little person donning a large top hat (please tell me thats the right way to say that) who kindly let us thru the paparazzo. Inside was empty but had a dope playlist. Cool people but low energy. But what did it matter, the awkwardly tall doorman was right there to tell us our moment was over. “Come with me ladies I’m not kicking you out” as he guided us back into the lobby. [?] So there we were waiting for a taxi with 50 Cent(123) and Floyd Mayweather(124). Then outcomes Lisa Bonet’s lost daughter, I’m sure of it, the girl from skins,(125) Britne Oldford. She had cut her hair into a weaker version of Marge Simpson’s with a a slight tail, I loved it and hoped it would make it to TV. I wrote the plot for her haircut already. Cassie goes nuts in a mental hospital and chops off her hair while watching the Simpsons then King of the Hill. Genius. Then following her was another castmate from the show (126)James Newman who plays Tony. That was one of the moments you go “hmmmm I thought he’d be taller” but he wasnt. He was quite strange and I felt peered at me for a glimpse of recognition. I am as startstruck as they come, but when it comes to running up, asking for a pic and an autograph special with fries, that ain’t me. But power to the people who do.

I found out we were kicked out because it  was a film party for Scream 4. Interesting, so my first ime getting kicked out of somewhere was because I wasn’t on the guest list for a quadrequel, staright to DVD, USA rerun.

But hey cant complain when Im waiting in the rain with these guys….

I Love NYC.

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