[#121] Baby Grand

[photo courtesy of Baby Grand]

An awesome bar found in Soho lit up inside by Lite Brites and the the interesting occupants singing karaoke per drink. Great spot to start off at or host a private event on your own Sunday Funday.

Song of Choice: Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders

Check out their site at: www.babygrandnyc.com

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One thought on “[#121] Baby Grand

  1. jimmy wentz says:

    A couple of years ago I was at bar called Kate’s Place in Alphabet City (great veggie menu) and this big, scruffy, woodsy type-o-guy sits next to me. We start talking as I notice he was looked he worked at saw mill. He told me he just completed doing the carpentry work a small bar called Baby Grand. Turns out the owner of Baby grand put him up for 3 months to work on the interior of the bar. Nice change of pace for a carpenter from Maine. He did all the custom wood work and explained to me the concept: tiny, intimate karaoke lounge. The bar itself has the likeness of a baby grand piano. BG is a great little spot in Little Italy (now swallowed up by Chinatown). Perfect for those who like start a night of drinking with singing a few songs. In my years of living in NYC, this city constantly changes – you never know when little spots like this disappear. Highly recommend – good find for your first week or so in NYC.

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