[#119] Audrey Ho-Burn

What does this picture make you think of?

Classy Lady who prefers croissants and diamonds for breakfast, who dates foreign men with large bank accounts, and has a dog named Von Puff Puff?


As was I!

Im sorry to break your Breakfast at Tiffanys heart but Audrey is a ho. Well at least she played one.

In the movie, she was actually portraying a prostitute. I was shocked beyond belief. The fact that she slept all day, lived in an apartment in the middle of the city with no job, and having walks of shame pass the Tiffany’s windows dripping in pearls never arose to me that she could be paying for it with hand jobs. Well now it seems so obvious and it definitely gives me another reason to watch the classic with new eyes.

Nevertheless, she was high class all the way and one of my most favorite songs “Moon River” sung by her in the window of her apartment still pulls me to this day:

Its nice to know we can relate to Audrey a little bit more on nights where your beer googles were high, went past first base with a guy due to his accent [which you thought was Australian and in the morning was straight Boston]. It’s alright, Audrey was a ho too.


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