[#117] Egg Salad & my “Slight” Obsession

My friend Amber recently moved to Maryland. Upon her departure, we decided to have a five minute good bye breakfast between the busy schedules.

Sadly enough all I could think about while we were talking was if I was going to make it to my dentist appointment and “Hmmm…egg salad…doesn’t look so bad”

Egg salad has never really grabbed me. Boiled eggs and I parted once I was over the Easter Bunny. Actually once they told me I was too old to do an Easter Egg Hunt. Is 15 too old? I think not!

Anywho, I took a bite of her sandwich and thats when the slight obsession began. I say slight because it always seems conjuctively correct to add that word on. That or “mild obsession”. I’d be lying to add either one of those words. I’m pretty sure I’ve taste tested egg salad in every which way, from almost every restaurant or grocery store I’ve encountered, and have done more damage to my stomach than the apple sauce shots. It’s been “mildly” amusing.

So I’ve found that egg salads aren’t so bad. Now I have more options for breakfast meals apart from Coco Crisps and Nutella scoops.

My favorite by far is from Epicure. The most expensive, but hey you get what you pay for. And close second was Aroma, because of the combinations you can add on like avocado and chicken[yummo].Least favorite sadly enough Publix, but your Lime sherbert is always in my heart[ and my thighs, womp womp].


One thought on “[#117] Egg Salad & my “Slight” Obsession

  1. mandya722 says:

    LOL! I wish we had time so I could make you my homemade egg salad… rarg!

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