[#107- #111] Teenage Dream Throwback’s

#107: Teen witch. Rap scene. Top That. Bring it Back.

#108: Teen wolf, I’m pretty sure this was the result of steroids and Pop Rocks. You know what I’m having for lunch.

#109: Ghostwriter…I don’t even know what the eff that was but I wanted to be it. Yeah I wanted to have a strange ghost light follow me around just because I saw it on cable. Don’t buy your kids a television.

#110: So I had a hard time remembering where I thought wearing Hockey jerseys, mini velour backpacks, and overalls were a good idea. Now I remember…

#111: The opening scene is enough to let you know why I loved this movie. This is the epitome of 80’s movies if you ask me. Adventure, great soundtrack, and hair that will never look good except on VHS.

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