#94 and #95: Where the Heart is…

No this is not a post about Natalie Portman’s lifetime movie. Theres enough out there about her for now.

Making a decision based on the heart, it ain’t easy. I just made one of the toughest decisions so far in my life based on what my tick-tocker has decided. That tricky bitch has me giving up everything and making some huge sacrifices, but I trust her. So far so good. This has helped me realize two things to be happy about.

#94: When you follow your heart, everything seems to fall in place. So many people have told me “Life is not a movie Jessica” since all my hair brain schemes somehow seem to fall out of a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks romantic comedy. Nevertheless, I am amazed by the way things seem to play out like a movie when I do follow my heart. “Miracles happen, once in a while, if you believe.” I can’t seem to remember what cheesy movie played that towards the end of their movie, but I can’t stop playing it in my head. Sometimes you got to believe and appreciate the “magic” around you or whatever you want to call it. Reminders of the un-ordinary in seemingly ordinary situations. I truly believe you can make your life extremely fantastic by igniting it thru positive words and thoughts. Yes, I am still on a journey, but while on the stroll/jog/sprint, my head is shaking from amazement in where it has taken me along the way. So here’s to that tricky bitch, my heart.

#95: Home is where the Heart is…

In making this new decision, I will have to uproot myself from my most extreme comfort zone: Miami. Not only, the city and friends who have become an extended immediate family, but also my home. My apartment has been a token of my success thus far. Beach view, intracoastal view, glass balcony… Damn this is going to suck! I truly decorated this place to a tee the day before I found out that New York was a calling. Effing New York. Good timing New York! Why now New York?!?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, I HEART NY just like any tourist who avidly watches Sex and the City, is a 20-something female/gay male, and grew up on Audrey Hepburn. It’s the whole living situation. I wish I could drag and click my apartment straight into Central Park. But since Steve Job’s has yet to make an app for that, I am on a scavenger hunt for a place. Now try telling a realtor how much you pay now, to how much you want to pay and live in the city. He may sign you up for a stand up night at a local comedy bar. May even put you in classifieds for Needs Help. Lets just say, he’ll laugh at you and call you crazy.

So far, I’ve been blessed and I expect nothing less but an extraordinary turn out of events. I am blindly optimistic, and thats all I have. My worrying has lessened from an 11 to a 9.5. Yeah, I will not have the beach at my doorstep, but it’s not forever. Yes, I will be uprooting from everything I know, but it’s nice to learn something new. Yes, I ill be leaving close friends here, but thank God for technology and for the friends and family I have in NYC. Never in my life has this statement rang more true than now: “Home is where the heart is”. With my heart being in the city of dreams, whilst making my dreams come true, I can truly make it my home.

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2 thoughts on “#94 and #95: Where the Heart is…

  1. bnlightened says:

    p.s just remembered

    “Miracles happen, once in a while, if you believe.”

    is from the Princess Diaries.

    I can dig it

  2. Frank Arteaga says:

    I love this picture!!!

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